telepathy works

maayan danoch
tel aviv

Telepa­thy Works is a phys­i­cal-men­tal prac­tice, deal­ing with col­lec­tive con­scious­ness and move­ment. It aims to stim­u­late syn­chronic­i­ty of thought and action between two peo­ple (or more) and sum­mon tele­path­ic moments. It pro­motes think­ing on telepa­thy as a human abil­i­ty that can be devel­oped rather than a super­nat­ur­al phenomenon.


See­ing the human body as a cen­tral com­mon dom­i­na­tor to all human beings, the prac­tice relies and advances body sen­si­bil­i­ties as a primer resource for con­nect­ing and com­mu­ni­cat­ing with oth­ers. Through var­i­ous exer­cis­es, we will enhance our capac­i­ty for lis­ten­ing and becom­ing atten­tive towards our­selves and oth­ers. We will work with dif­fer­ent modes of men­tal imag­ing and explore their pow­er to change what we per­ceive, feel and do. At last, we will fol­low longer pro­ce­dures, through which we will estab­lish an (imag­i­nary) emphat­ic rela­tion­ship with anoth­er per­son. In these frame­works, we will use the tools we gained to instant­ly ini­ti­ate a com­mon action with our part­ner inde­pen­dent of ver­bal dia­logue or pro­to­cols of col­lec­tive deci­sion making.


The prac­tice ses­sions will hap­pen both online and as live events. They invite inves­ti­ga­tion and a crit­i­cal reflec­tion on how bod­i­ly and inter­per­son­al knowl­edge can be shared through a dig­i­tal media.