julia mihály


Julia Mihá­ly, a com­pos­er and per­former, works at the bor­der of new music and per­for­mance. Stand­ing in the tra­di­tion of tech­nol­o­gy-based per­for­mance, she stages instal­la­tions, per­for­mances, audio walks and instru­men­tal com­po­si­tions using real­time sound syn­the­sis process­es as exten­sions for sounds and per­for­ma­tive actions. Mihá­ly engages with cur­rent socio-polit­i­cal issues and media cul­ture, and she com­bines these with influ­ences from pop cul­ture, trash art, and anti-art.


“Before coro­na, I couldn’t have imag­ined spend­ing more than 14 days in one place. But after all trav­el had been can­celled due to coro­na, I took time to fig­ure out what home means to me per­son­al­ly. Actu­al­ly, my sense of home grows out of the syn­er­gy of a cer­tain place and its pecu­liar­i­ties, togeth­er with habits, dai­ly rou­tines and the rela­tion­ship to per­sons that are close to me.”


For mapping_home, Julia Mihá­ly asked the par­tic­i­pat­ing artists to col­lect audio mate­r­i­al that they asso­ciate with their home. She used the mate­r­i­al to cre­ate an elec­troa­coustic com­po­si­tion in an imag­i­nary space. How do the sounds of inti­mate, per­son­al, domes­tic sur­round­ings oper­ate in a shared space? Var­i­ous items, which are for Mihá­ly relat­ed to the top­ic of home will be turned into sound­ing objects. In a staged liv­ing room sounds of every­day rou­tines, con­crete places, and famil­iar inter­per­son­al inter­ac­tions are com­bined to form an acoustic, col­lec­tive home. The piece mapping_home ques­tions the con­sis­tence and the impact of some­thing that we call home.

Foto: Marc Behrens

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