julia mihály

mapping_home is an audio-visu­al com­po­si­tion that will be devel­oped with­in the next three months.

The first video starts with the nucle­us of a visu­al net­work that will expand simul­ta­ne­ous­ly with the musi­cal composition.

The basic audio mate­r­i­al con­tains field record­ings of all par­tic­i­pants homes or what they indi­vid­u­al­ly con­sid­er to be relat­ed to their home. There­fore I am not only record­ing typ­i­cal sounds as audi­ble frag­ments of my home. I also col­lect record­ings from all par­tic­i­pants of the project home.frankfurt.telaviv, in order to cre­ate an audio-visu­al com­po­si­tion as a net­work which inter­wines com­po­nents of our indi­vid­ual homes into a col­lec­tive home.

Beyond the close lis­ten­ing on an acoustic lev­el, the process of record­ing includes a reflec­tion about com­po­nents of the per­son­al con­struct of some­thing like home.

2021, Feb 1

2021, Jan 26

2021, Jan 14