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Rosa Wer­necke, Katha­ri­na Pelosi, and Johan­na Castell are Swoosh Lieu, a fem­i­nist col­lec­tive cre­at­ing at the inter­face of the­ater, per­for­mance, and visu­al arts. Swoosh Lieu works with space, light, sound, and video, pro­duc­ing audio-visu­al setups that cri­tique polit­i­cal issues. They have ini­ti­at­ed the project A Fem­i­nist Guide to Ner­dom, fea­tur­ing inter­na­tion­al female media artists and devel­op­ing net­works among them.


“Gen­der is a social con­struct. Work has male or female con­no­ta­tions. (…) We have to talk about that – at all lev­els: soci­ety, art, media, and cul­ture. As artists, we can use our vis­i­bil­i­ty or audi­bil­i­ty to spread such top­ics and ini­ti­ate pub­lic debates.” (Source)


For the home.frankfurt.telaviv web res­i­den­cy, Swoosh Lieu will fur­ther devel­op an exist­ing project that explores Vir­ginia Woolf’s book, A Room Of One’s Own. What kinds of spaces do we need for paid work, care­tak­ing work, self-employ­ment, and that pro­vide for safe­ty? Of what kind of utopi­an fem­i­nist spaces do we dream? In a dia­logue with their artist col­leagues from Tel Aviv, ini­tial artis­tic sketch­es will be devel­oped, lead­ing fur­ther to audio and video works and inter­view mate­r­i­al. The web res­i­den­cy will result in an exten­sive archive from which an audio-visu­al instal­la­tion will be developed.

Foto: Swoosh Lieu


A Room For One’s Own

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