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idit herman
tel aviv

Mov­ing … copy our home in Israel to a home in Ger­many… I’m think­ing of how to present the dif­fer­ent issues (such as find­ing a school for my daugh­ter, mov­ing my 3 cats and so on) in home office ses­sions with my guests …

2021, Feb 26

2021, Jan 14

I’m leav­ing.

2020, Dec 21

What do peo­ple do with all their tiny objects of mem­o­ry, when they move their home to anoth­er country?

2020, Dec 18

This first video is a sort of intro to my project – I want to get you ready to help me with the for­mal tasks need­ed in my fic­ti­tious move from Israel to Germany.